#SBTHF 2014: Official Beneficiary

At Agave Avenue we realize the importance of reinvesting in the local community where we host our Tequila Harvest Festivals. We make it our mission to partner up with local non-profits that impact, improve, and inspire the local community they serve. Agave Avenue is proud to support and announce Elings Park as the Official Beneficiary of the 5th Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest! A Silent Raffle will be held during the #SBTHF Main Event, with 100% of all proceeds benefiting Elings Park.  Agave Avenue will also donate a portion of all proceeds from every admission ticket sold to Elings Park.

Elings Park SBTHF 2014 Button

More than 40 years ago, the founders of Elings Park had a unique vision for this spectacular site: To provide recreational facilities in an exceptional setting for the benefit of all citizens of Santa Barbara County. The transformation of this property from a landfill to a regional park has been a community effort since the beginning. As part of their plan, they insisted that the park would be created, maintained, and operated without the use of a single taxpayer dollar.

To learn more about the largest privately funded park in America or to make a donation please visit:


#SBTHF 2014: Additional Beneficiaries

This year we at Agave Avenue decide to enact something extra special. We thought to ourselves, “We could always give more to additional non-profits that directly benefit the local community”.  With this being said, “We pledge an additional $5 from every Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival ticket sold to One (1) of the following participating Non-Profits. Upon check out, you will get to select to whom you would like to see the $5 benefit. Please take a minute to learn more about the participating Non-Profits below:


Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara SBTHF 2014 Button


The Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County

The mission of the Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County is to provide high-quality legal services in order to ensure that low-income persons and seniors have access to the civil justice system in times of crisis – to secure safe, habitable shelter, adequate income, and protection from domestic violence and elder abuse.

To learn more about the Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County please visit:



Pacific Pride Foundation SBTHF 2014 Button


The Pacific Pride Foundation

The mission of the Pacific Pride Foundation is to advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community; care for people living with HIV; and prevent the transmission of HIV.

To learn more about the Pacific Pride Foundation please visit:


All Silent Raffle items are generously donated by our Participating Exhibitors & Sponsors

and we greatly appreciate their support in making our Silent Raffle possible.

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