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Tasting Tequila The Right Way

Dispatches from Santa Barbara’s Third Annual Tequila Harvest Festival

by  Tyler Hayden
Photo courtesy of Matt Kettman

I’ll be honest. My tequila drinking experience before Saturday night had been limited to late-night shots with overripe bar limes and too-sweet margaritas caked in gritty… read more.




Casa Dragones at Tequila Harvest 2012

$250 Bottles Being Poured at Third Annual Ode to Agave Liquors

by  Matt Kettmann
Photo courtesy of Casa Dragones Tequila

The third annual Tequila Harvest is celebrating agave-based liquors this Saturday at the Carrillo Rec Center in downtown Santa Barbara. Among the 25-plus makers of tequila and mescal on hand will be Casa Dragones, which will pour from its $250 bottles of joven tequila during… read more.





Tequila Harvest

Third Annual Festival offers Tasting of More Than 50 Tequilas

by  Michelle Drown
Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Independent

“We wanted to do a tequila festival where we educated the people, not only to have people come to get drunk,” said Ernesto Rodriguez in… read more.

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