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Agave Avenue Founders 3Agave Avenue Founders: Ernesto Rodriguez and Albert Martinez

 About Agave Avenue:

Agave Avenue is an event organizing company that specializes in the exhibition of agave based distilled spirits and products. Established in Santa Barbara, CA by co-founders Albert Martinez and Ernesto Rodriguez in February of 2010. From charitable events, corporate mixers, intimate tasting, to full scale festivals; Agave Avenue has come to be recognized as California’s premier Tequila & Mezcal event organizers. With our flagship event being, our Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival. Our success is attributed to our company’s philosophy of insuring the utmost quality, educational, and entertaining components are found in each and every one of our events. At Agave Avenue there is a saying we like to live by… and that is “Harvest Your Agave Knowledge”! After all, it is not only about imbibing but knowing the who, the where, and the how of these agave based distilled spirits and products.

6th Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival in: 57 Days 18 Hours 52 Minutes 40 Seconds
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